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Welcome to Infinity Eye Center

2 Ethel Road, Suite 203B
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 410-7880

Thank you for visiting Infinity Eye Center. Here, we are committed to bringing dedicated service, premium quality, leading edge technology, and fashionable styles to you and your family.

We are conveniently located in the Durham Center in Edison, NJ by I-287, exit 3 (behind Walgreens and Chase bank). Make your appointment today!

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Mon 10am - 6pm
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Come in and explore our resource videos to learn more about various eye conditions and diseases!
"Fake or Unreal" Nearsightedness (假性近視)

(Pseudo = not real, Myopia = nearsightedness) is sometimes found in those who have diabetes, but very commonly found in young children. Pseudo-Myopia can co-exist with real myopia and is often mistreated as real myopia.

Click our Patient Resource Center to learn more.

To schedule an appointment, please call 732-410-7880.

Driving Tips

There are 3 entrances to Durham Center.  Infinity Eye Center (Suite 203B) is accessible by all 3 entrances.

Entrance 1 is at the intersection of Ethel Road and Talmadge Road, directly across the street from Bank of America.

Entrance 2 is at the intersection of Talmadge Road and Brunswick Ave, right next to Xtreme Fitness.

Entrance 3 is at the intersection of New Durham Road and Reading Road, between Fairfield Inn and Chase Bank, and behind Walgreens.